Brief history of the department

The Department of Political Science has been in progress since the academic session of 2014-15. Initially, the classes of the department used to be held at the old campus (Old ADDA Building, Near Asansol, Girls’ College) of the university. Prof. Asoke Kumar Bhaduri (Retd. Associate Professor, B. C. College, Asansol) was the co-ordinator of the Department at the initial stage. Prof. (Dr.) Sandip Ghatak (Teacher-in-Charge, Asansol Girls’ College), Prof. Swapan Dutta, Prof. Savera Sharma, Prof. Mongola Prasad Bhattacharjee, Prof. Falguni Mukhopadhyay and Prof. Patrali Sinha had served in the first academic session as Guest Faculties. The department was shifted to the main campus of the university in the academic session of 2015-16. The department had also got four substantive teaching posts (One each for Professor and Associate Professor, and two for Assistant Professors). Out of those, the posts of the Assistant Professors were filled in by Prof. Kunal Debnath and Prof. Asis Mistry in September, 2015. Prof. Debnath had joined the charge of the Coordinator of the Department in May 2016 and served till April, 2018. Another three teaching posts were sanctioned in the mid-2017. The department got three more permanent faculties in the form of Prof. (Dr.) Debasish Nandy, Associate Professor, Prof. Anupam Patra, Assistant Professor and Prof. Himadri Chatterjee, Assistant Professor in May, 2018. Dr. Nandy had joined (and also serving) the charge of the Head of the Department on and from May 04, 2018. Most recently, the department has planned to introduce M. Phil and Ph. D programmes on and from the academic session of 2018-19.

Vision of the department

The Department of Political Science will create a climate on campus and in the greater community that promotes tolerance and acceptance of differing viewpoints which will foster civic-mindedness and civic responsibility. The Department will contribute to a better understanding of the world by engaging in and supporting intercultural and interdisciplinary studies. In addition, the Department shall work to offer our students the best education possible by continuing to explore appropriate know-hows for inclusion in the learning experience. The Department shall continue to explore emerging issues in pedagogy that make for a more productive learning environment. Using a value‐added approach to education and learning, it will contribute to the future success of our students by helping them to develop skill sets that can make them competitive in the employment market, inclined to be active in the political arena, and committed to life‐long learning experiences. The department is also committed to the process of developing, refining, and implementing an active assessment process that provides us with information and insight into how to improve our educational and co‐curricular offerings. Therefore, the goal of the department is to transmit the knowledge of the discipline by providing courses, characterized by academic excellence as well as social relevance.

Mission of the department

  • To translate the vision into reality.
  • To provide basic knowledge regarding concepts, theories, issues and debates that characterize the study of contemporary Political Science so that students can confidently appear in NET, SET and other competitive examinations.
  • To identify probable areas of future research and enhance skills so that some of the students can be at the forefront of research in the near future.
  • To initiate intellectual urge among the students for understandings most pressing political issues in terms of historical, comparative, theoretical and policy-oriented perspectives.
  • To give importance to our educational mission and learning in both high quality and innovative teaching and support for outstanding student experience.
  • Commitment to the highest standards of academic consistency and vitality. Serving the social, cultural and economic needs of the community & the society.
  • To give importance to a strong research of students and faculty.
  • The Department should build its distinctive heritage and archive a better integration among different dimensions of our work.
  • To create a highly manifested academic environment to support better student experience and teaching as well as research.
  • To provide some special lectures of some eminent Professors of Political Science and its allied subjects to the students.
  • Provide new technologies for teaching-learning and research, e.g. OHP, Virtual Classrooms, Wifi etc.

Programme/ Course Offered:

Progg. or Course Duration Starting Year Intake Students Enrolled
M.A. 2 Years July 65 33
M.Phil. 2 Years July 12 NIL
Ph.D. 3 to 5 Years July 06 NIL



Associate Professor:

Vacant - 01

Assistant Professor:

Vacant- 01


Prof. (Dr.) Md. Ayub Mallick
Prof. (Dr.) Md. Ayub Mallick



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Dr. Debasish Nandy
Dr. Debasish Nandy

Associate Professor and H.O.D.


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Asis Mistry (On Lien)
Asis Mistry (On Lien)

Assistant Professor


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Anupam Patra
Anupam Patra

Assistant Professor


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Mr. Ananta Kumar Besra
Mr. Ananta Kumar Besra

Assistant Professor


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Research Work:

  • M.Phil.(3)
  • Ph.D.(3)

Major Research Project/ Ongoing Individual Research Project in Department:

  • Individual Research Project funded by ICSSR [Dr. Debasish Nandy]

Seminar/ Workshop/ Conference/ Symposium Organized with Duration:

  • The Department has organized a national level seminar sponsored by the Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India in the academic year of 2017-2018.
  • The Department has also organized a One Day State Level Workshop on CBCS Syllabus in Political Science sponsored by Kazi Nazrul University.
  • International Conference on Nationalism, Ethnicity, Religion and Security in South Asia.


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