Sports Board

Sports Board Professor Sadhan Chakraborti Chairman ** ( Ex- Officio) The Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, KNU 17.02.2020 to 16.02.2024 9051711484
Statute, Chapter-III (53) Dr. Ranjib Biswas Member and Secretary (Ex-Officio) Registrar 1.02.2021 to 03.05.2022 8240199647
Date of Formation: 06.05.2020 Dr. Santosh Kumar Behera Member and Assistant Sceretary (Ex-Officio) Sports Officer (Addl. Charge), Associate Professor, Department of Education 06.05.2020 to 05.05.2022 9475660604
Professor Vijay Kumar Bharty Member and Assistant Sceretary (Ex-Officio) The Placement and Students' Welfare Officer ( Addl. Charge), Professor, Department of Hindi 29.12.2017 to 28.12.2020 9732959135
Dr. Mizanur Rahman Sekh Four Teacher, one from each Faculty Council for PG Studies, at least one shall be a lady teacher nominated by the Executive Council Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Nominee of Science Faculty Council 06.05.2020 to 05.05.2022 9002063725
Dr. Parimalendu Bandyopadhyay Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Nominee of the Commerce Faculty Council 06.05.2020 to 05.05.2022 9434114317
Ms. Rumee Lepcha Assistant Professor, Department of Law 06.05.2020 to 05.05.2022 9609338888
Mr. Sumit Paroi Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Nominee of the Arts Faculty Council 06.05.2020 to 05.05.2022
Ms. Pratima Prasad Lady Teacher Assistant Professor, Department of Hindi 06.05.2020 to 05.05.2022
VACANT Three University Blues nominated by The Executive Council To be nominated
Mr. Tarun Das Members (Ex-Officio), Two Non-teaching Employees nominated by the Executive Council Junior Assistant, Department of History 06.05.2020 to 05.05.2022 9434318387
Mr. Ashim Mondal Junior Peon, Office of Controller of Examinations 06.05.2020 to 05.05.2022
VACANT General Secretary, Students' Union Election is awaited
1. QUORUM ( Chapter III, Statute-53 (4), Page-58) : One third of total members of the total number of members plus one (01), form the quorum for the meeting.
2. Frequency of the Meetings ( Chapter III, Statute 53 (4), Page 58 ) : The Sports Board shall meet as often as necessary.
3. Notification ( Chapter III, Statute 53-5(i), Page-59 ) : The Secretary of the Sports Board to convene meeting of the Sports Board giving three clear days notice. Chairman may direct a meeting to be held at a shorter notice.
** In absence of the Vice Chancellor, the senior most Dean present shall preside over the meeting, and in absence of the Vice Chancellor and the Deans, the members shall elect a Chairman from amongst themselves for the meeting.