Purchase & Tender Committee

Purchase and Tender committee Professor Debashis Bandyopadhyay Chairman ** (Ex-Officio) The Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, KNU
Chapter-III (56-1-XXiii) Professor Sajalkumar Bhattacharya Members (Ex-Officio) Dean of Faculty Councils for PG studies in Arts and Law (Acting)
Professor Asamanja Chattoraj Dean of Faculty Councils for PG Studies in Science and Commerce & Management (Acting)
Dr. Chandan Koner Member & Convener (Ex-Officio) Registrar
Dr. Sujata Home Roy Konar Member (Ex-Officio) Finance Officer
Dr. Subham Bhattacharjee Member (Ex-Officio) Estate Officer (Addl. Charge)
1. Frequency of the Meetings: The Purchase and Tender Committee shall meet as often as necessary.
2. QUORUM : One third of the total number of members plus one shall be a quorum for the meeting.
** In absence of the Vice Chancellor, the senior most Dean present shall preside over the meeting, and in absence of the Vice Chancellor and the Deans, the members shall elect a Chairman from amongst themselves for the meeting.