Software used for Plagiarism Check

Detection of Plagiarism by Urkund Software

URKUND Plagiarism Detection Software (Provided by Ms Prio Infocenter AB, Sweden; Indian Partner: eGalactic) has been selected by INFLIBNET Centre (Inter University Centre of UGC) under the aegis of Ministry of HRD to enhance quality and prevent plagiarism in research/academic publications. Universities in India who have signed MoU with INFLIBNET Centre, which come under section 12(B)/ 2f of UGC Act and eligible for funding from UGC, get the software free of cost from INFLIBNET Centre. Kazi Nazrul University (KNU) has signed MoU with INFLIBNET and compliant with 12(B)/2f of UGC Act and getting the software at free of cost from INFLIBNET and has taken the initiative to provide URKUND user account to all its Faculty and Research scholar. As part of UGC and NAAC directives on research ethics and originality of research, KNU follows UGC and NAAC guidelines in detecting plagiarism in research by checking all research dissertations of the University (PhD, M.Phil dissertations) through the URKUND software.

URKUND system checks all documents against three central source areas: (i) The Internet; (ii) Published material such as Journals, Books etc. (iii) Previously submitted students' material (e.g. memoranda, case studies and examination works). It is a text-matching tool intended to be used for monitoring plagiarism primarily in academic submissions by the students. Academic writing is a craft in itself, and something that students need to learn in order to avoid the accusation of plagiarism. This software not only shows potential text matches and points of suspicion, but also enables a conversation around the correct methods of academic writing.

When a document is submitted to Urkund, it is compared to sources online, alongside our multiple academic databases, and also previously submitted documents. The most relevant sources are then singled out and presented in the analysis report, which will show a detailed view of how many paragraphs that could be matched against these sources, as well as how significant these similarities are.

Urkund has an API that can be integrated into most of the well-known LMS/VLE platforms. But it does not recognize pictures, links (copied or shared), videos, scanned documents, or protected files. If any of these files are sent to Urkund, the system will send an email to the submitter stating that the file does not contain enough characters.

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