IT Policy and Guidelines

The Information Communication Technology (ICT) Application of the University

KNU has developed its own ICT Application for full automation of its functioning. The KNU ICT Application has the following components:

  1. E-governance :
    1. It includes student life cycle. Everything from admission to migration is done online through KNU ICT Application. Various modules like admission module, registration module, examination module, result processing module etc. are developed to provide online facilities to all students.
    2. It includes employee life cycle. Everything from recruitment to superannuation is done online. The relevant modules developed are recruitment module, human resource management module, pay role module, leave module, finance module etc.

  2. E-learning :
    1. Integrated Library Management System (ILMS): All library transactions of all stakeholders of the University are done online. The modules developed in KNU ILMS include issue-return module, searching module, digital library module etc.
    2. Learning Management System (LMS): All teaching-learning and assessment related activities can be done online through KNU LMS. MOODLE has been customized and the customized MOODLE LMS of KNU is used through a dedicated server of the University.

  3. Information Technology (IT) :
    1. The University has developed its own IT infrastructure for smooth functioning of ICT based activities. Licensed desktops, laptops, software,Wi-Fi and LAN with sufficient bandwidth are arranged by the University for ensuring seamless performance of its ICT based activities.
    2. An IT policy of KNU is framed, keeping in view the laws of the land, for proper functioning of IT related processes.

  4. Website:
    1. A comprehensive website of its own has been developed by the University for facilitating dissemination of the relevant information to all stakeholders of the University and also to the society at large.
    2. An website policy has been framed, keeping in view the laws of the land, for uninterrupted smooth functioning of the ICT based activities of the University.