Library Committee

Library Committee Professor Sadhan Chakraborti Chairman (Ex-Officio) The Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, KNU 17.02.2020 to 16.02.2024 9051711484
Statute, Chapter-III (50) Shri Biswajit Saha Secretary & Member( Ex-Officio) Librarian 17.01.2020 to 16.01.2022 9231675070
Professor Anindya Sekhar Purakayastha Members ( Ex- Officio) Dean of Faculty Councils for PG studies in Arts and Law (Addl. Charge) - / 9434154184
Professor Santanu Kumar Ghosh Dean of Faculty Councils for PG Studies in Science and Commerce & Management (Addl. Charge) - / 9831069093
Dr. Ranjib Biswas Member ( Ex-Officio) Registrar - -
Smt. Sujata Home Roy Konar Member ( Ex-Officio) Finance Officer - 9835900245
Dr. Roshanlal Devangan Members ( Ex- Officio) Coordinator, Department of Applied Psychology 02.12.2019 to 01.12.2021 9074717688
Dr. Suprabhat Mukherjee Coordinator, Department of Animal Science - 8240886813
Dr. Monalisa Das Head, Department of Bengali 2.05.2019 to 1.05.2021 9434551197
Dr. Rajat Saha Coordinator, Department of Chemistry 2.12.2019 to 1.12.2021 9903491128
Dr. Baneswar Kapasi Head, Department of Commerce 29.12.2018 to 28.12.2020 9434633062
Dr. Santanu Banerjee Coordinator, Department of English 8.01.2020 to 7.01,2022 9475002844
Dr. Santosh Kumar Behera Head, Department of Education 25.05.2019 to 24.05.2021 9475660604
Dr. Paramita Roychowdhury Head, Department of Geography 1.02.2019 to 31.01. 2021 9831650595
Dr. Akta Kumari Coordinator, Department of Hindi 8.01.2020 to 7.01,2022 8084450160
Dr. Pradip Kumar Das Head, Department of History 21.03.2020 to 20.03.2022 8670704755
Shri Bhrigu Vishwakarma Coordinator, Department of Law 2.12.2019 to 1.12.2021 9800123784
Dr. S. K. Nazmul Head, Department of Mathematics 2.12.2019 to 1.12.2021 9434476491
Dr. Debabrata Saha Head, Department of Philosophy 6.04,2020 to 5.04.2022 8145316609
Dr. Golam Ali Sekh Coordinator, Department of Physics 8.01.2020 to 7.01.2022 9055599033
Dr. Md Ayub Mallick Head, Department of Political Science 24.04.2019 to 23.04.2021 8101435145
Dr. Arindam Biswas Coordinator, Department of Mining Engineering 16.10.2019 to 15.10.2021 9932311710
Dr. Soumya Mukherjee Coordinator, Department of Metallurgical Engineering 16.10.2019 to 15.10.2021 9830179414
Dr. Farooque Azam (External) Coordinator, Department of Urdu 7.11.2019 to 6.11.2021 9333736826
Dr. Parimalendu Bandyopadhyay Teacher, Faculty Council PG of Studies in Commerce 06.05.2020 to 05.05.2022 9434114317
Dr. Ujjal Kanti Roy Teacher, Faculty Council PG of Studies in Science 06.05.2020 to 05.05.2022 9475501589
Dr. Arghya Majumder Director, School of Mines and Metallurgy 06.05.2020 to 05.05.2022 7893024057
Dr. Swati Sinha Teacher, Faculty Council PG of Studies in Law 06.05.2020 to 05.05.2022 9434253230
Dr. Swati Guha One Member nominated by Executive Council Director, Nazrul Centre for Social and Cultural Studies 06.05.2020 to 05.05.2022 9836403922
Vacant One Member nominated by The Court To be nominated
1. QUORUM (Chapter III, Statute 50 (2), Page-53) : Half of the total number of members plus one shall form the quorum a meeting of the Committee. No quorum shall be required for an adjouned meeting.
2. Fequency of the Meetings ( Chapter III, Statute 50 (3), Page-53) : The Library Committee shall meet atleast thrice in a year, preferably once in every three months.
Note: All decisions of the Library Committee shall be submitted to the Executive Council for confirmation. The Executive Council may approve or modify any decision of the committee or direct the committee to review its decision.