Sl. No. Name of the teacher Title of the book/chapters published Title of the paper Title of the proceedings of the conference Name of the conference National / International Year of publication ISBN/ISSN Affiliating institute at the time of publication Name of the publisher
1 N.Mukherjee, N. Joardar, S. Mukherjee, S. P. Sinha Babu    Anti-microfilarial Activities of Azadirachta indica (A. Juss.) Against Dirofilaria immitis in Dogs (Canis familiaris)       2021 0373-5893    
2 S. Majumdar, M. Ghosh, S. Mukherjee B. Satpati B. Dey   DNA mediated graphene oxide (GO)-nanosheets dispersed supramolecular GO-DNA hydrogel: An efficient soft-milieu for simplistic synthesis of Ag-NPs@GO-DNA and Gram + ve/-ve bacteria-based Ag-NPs@GO-DNA-bacteria nano-bio composites       2021 0167-7322    
3  N. C. Das, R.  K. Labala, R.  Patra, A. Chattoraj, S.  Mukherjee   In Silico Identification of New Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Agents from Bioactive Phytocompounds Targeting the Viral Spike Glycoprotein and Human TLR4       2021 1570-1808    
4 A. Choudhury, S. Mukherjee   Taming the Storm in the Heart: Exploring Different Therapeutic Choices Against Myocardial Inflammation in COVID-19       2021 2772-4344    
5 A. Choudhury, G.Mukherjee, S. Mukherjee   Chemotherapy vs. Immunotherapy in combating nCOVID19: An update       2021 0198-8859    
6 N. C. Das, P.  S. Sen Gupta, S. Biswal, R. Patra, M. K. Rana, S. Mukherjee   In-silico evidences on filarial cystatin as a putative ligand of human TLR4       2021 1538-0254    
7 N. C. Das, Anindya S. Ray, J. Bayry, S. Mukherjeee     Therapeutic Efficacy of Anti-Bestrophin Antibodies against Experimental Filariasis: Immunological, Immune-Informatics and Immune Simulation Investigations       2021 2073-4468    
8 I.Chakraborty, D. Majumder, R. Rakshit, M. Alam, S. Mukherjee, A. Gorai, K. Mandal   Magnetic Field-Dependent Photoluminescence of Tartrate-Functionalized Gadolinium-Doped Manganese Ferrite Nanoparticles: A Potential Therapeutic Agent for Hyperbilirubinemia Treatment       2021 2574-0970    
9 A. Choudhury, N.C Das, R.Patra, M.  Bhattacharya, P. Ghosh, B.  C. Patra, S.  Mukherjee   Exploring the binding efficacy of ivermectin against the key proteins of SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis: an in silico approach       2021 1746-0794    
10 R. Patra, N. Chandra Das, S. Mukherjee   Exploring the Differential Expression and Prognostic Significance of the COL11A1 Gene in Human Colorectal Carcinoma: An Integrated Bioinformatics Approach       2021 1664-8021    
11 A. Choudhury, N. C. Das, R. Patra, S. Mukherjee   In silico analyses on the comparative sensing of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA by the intracellular TLRs of humans       2021 1096-9071    
12 N. C. Das, R. Patra, P. S. SenGupta, P. Ghosh, M. Bhattacharya, M. K.Rana, S. Mukherjee   Designing of a novel multi-epitope peptide based vaccine against Brugia malayi: An in silico approach       2020 1567-1348    
13 R. Patra, N. C. Das, S. Mukherjee   Targeting human TLRs to combat COVID-19: A solution?       2020 1096-9071    
14 A. Choudhury, S. Mukherjee   In silico studies on the comparative characterization of the interactions of SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein with ACE-2 receptor homologs and human TLRs       2020 1096-9071    
15 P. Chowdhury, B. Roy, S. Mukherjee, N. Mukherjee, N. Joardar, D Roy, S. Chowdhury, S. P. Babu   Polymer Anchored Gold Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activities       2020 Print: 2210-6812    
16 A. Agrawal, , R. Varshney, M. Pathak, S.Kr Patel, V Rai, S. Sulabh   Exploration of antigenic determinants in spike glycoprotein of SARS-CoV2 and identification of five salient potential epitopes       2021 2347-3517    
17 M. Paramanik, N.Sarkar, G. Chandra   Awareness and impact of Lymphatic Filariasis among the school children in rural endemic areas of West Bengal in India       2020 0972-9062    
18 M. Paramanik, N.Sarkar, G. Chandra   Impact of Lymphatic Filariasis on married women from rural areas of Bankura District, West Bengal, India       2021 2581-351X / 0019-5138    
19 P. Rajak, S. Roy, A.K. Pal, S. Ghanty,M.Paramanik, S. Khatun   In silico study reveals binding potential of rotenone at multiple sites of pulmonary surfactant proteins: A matter of concern       2021 2666-027X    
20 M. Mandi, S. Khatun, P. Rajak, A. Mazumdar, S. Roy   Potential risk of organophosphate exposure in male reproductive system of a non-target insect model Drosophila melanogaster       2021 1382-6689    
21 P. Rajak, A. Ganguly, S. Sarkar, M. Mandi, M. Dutta, S.  Podder, S. Khatun, S. Roy   Immunotoxic role of organophosphates: An unseen risk escalating SARS-CoV-2 pathogenicity       2021 0278-6915    
22 P. Rajak, S. Roy, M. Dutta, S. Podder, S. Sarkar, A, Ganguly   Understanding the cross-talk between mediators of infertility and COVID-19       2021 1642-431X    
23 P. Rajak, S. Roy, A. K. Pal, M. Paramanik, M. Dutta, S. Podder, S. Sarkar, A. Ganguly, M. Mandi, A. Dutta, K. Das, S. Ghanty, S. Khatun   In silico study reveals binding potential of rotenone at multiple sites of pulmonary surfactant proteins: A matter of concern       2021 2666-027X    
24 G. Mondal, ZA. Khan, SD. Devi, RK. Labala, A. Chattoraj    The Daily Pattern of Expression of Leptin and Ghrelin O-Acyl Transferase Under Various Lighting Schedules in the Whole Brain of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)       2021 2296-701X    
25 G. Mondal, SD. Devi, ZA. Khan, T. Yumnamcha, C. Rajiv, H.S. Devi H, A Chattoraj   The influence of feeding on the daily rhythm of mRNA expression on melatonin bio-synthesizing enzyme genes and clock associated genes in the zebrafish (Danio rerio) gut       2021 0929-1016    
26 SD. Devi, G. Mondal, ZA. Khan, HK, Sarma A.Chattoraj    Differential gene expression and immunohistochemical localization of the key melatonin biosynthesizing enzymes in the testis of zebrafish (Danio rerio),        2021 0929-1016    
27 ZA, Khan, T. Yumnamcha, G. Mondal, SD. Devi, C. Rajiv, RK. Labala, H.S. Devi,  A. Chattoraj    Artificial Light at Night (ALAN): A Potential Anthropogenic Component for the COVID-19 and HCoVs Outbreak       2020 1664-2392    
28 SD Devi, G. Mondal, ZA. Khan, HK, Sarma A. Chattoraj    Daily Rhythmic Expression Patterns of Melatonin Bio-synthesizing Genes in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Testis in Response to Altered Feeding Condition.        2020 2455-1244    
29 R. L. Dewangan   Mental Health and related issues during COVID-19       2021 0971-9962    
30 S.Poddar, U. MukherjeeE   Ascending Child Sexual Abuse Statistics in India During COVID-19 Lockdown: A Darker Reality and Alarming Mental Health Concerns       2020 0253-7176    
31 S. Poddar, N. Sanyal, B. Das, U.Mukherjee   Variables as Diagnostic Differentiator of Dissociative Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder and schizophrenia       2020 1876-2018    
32 K. Mukherjee, U.Mukherjee   Theoretical framework underlying contextual system of measurements in cognitive domain       2021  022-2496    
33 Mr. Abhijit Sadhukhan   Bangadeshe Varnajatikathamor Nirmiti : Artho-Rajnaitik O Dharmiyo Samikaran (8th cen.-15th cen)        2021 23295399    
34 Mr. Abhijit Sadhukhan   Shastra O Samaj : Prachin Bharate Varnajati Kathamoy Samajik Sachalata       2021 2249-3751    
35 Prof. (Dr.) Monalisa Das   Kazi Nazrul Islam O Bishwasahitya       2021 0976-9463    
36 Prof. (Dr.) Monalisa Das   Bangla Nataker Ouponibeshikota Birodhi Cetona : Andoloner Prorbantor(1900-1948)        2021 0976-9463    
37 B. Mondal, U. Adhikari, P.P. Hajra  U. K.Roy   Allylation and Propargylation of Aldehydes mediated by in situ generated Zinc from the redox couple of Al and ZnCl2  in 2N HCl       2021 1144-0546    
38 B. Mondal  U. K. Roy   Making and Breaking of Zn-C Bonds in the cases of Allyl and Propargyl Organozincs       2021 0040-4020    
39 M. Patra,  S.Kumar Dubey, B.Mondal, K. Gupta, A.Ghosh, A. K. Meikap, U.K.Roy,* S. Bhattacharjee* and R. Saha   Design of π-Conjugated Flexible Semiconductive 2D MOF and MOF Derived CuO Nano-spheres for Solvent Free C-X (S, O) Hetero-coupling Catalysis with Enhanced Conductivity       2021 2352-507X    
40 P. Paul, A.Mallick, T. Majumdar   True-Photonic Strategy for Chemically Encrypted Two-Factor Authentication with Unlimited Chemical Passwords Based on Cascade Energy Transfer under a Single Wavelength Excitation       2021 2637-6113    
41 M. Karar, P. Paul, R. Mistri, T. Majumdar,* A. Mallick   Dual macrocyclic chemical input based highly protective molecular keypad lock using fluorescence in solution phase: A new type approach       2021 0167-7322    
42 A. Ghosh, S. K.Seth, A. Ghosh, P. Pattanayak, A. Mallick,  P. Purkayastha   A New Compound for Sequential Sensing of Picric Acid and Aliphatic Amines: Physicochemical Details and Construction of Molecular Logic Gates       2021 1861-4728    
43 A. Mallick,  T. Das, P. Purkayastha   New bright sensor with logic sense to detect early onset of malignancy: A direct observation       2021 0167-577X    
44 P. Paul, M. Karar, A. Mallick,  T. Majumdar   A photonic multifunctional moleculator powered by two-step energy transfer       2021 2050-7526    
45 S. Singha, R.Jana, R. Mondal, P.P. Ray, P. P. Bag, K.l Gupta, N.n Pakhira, C. Rizzoli, A.Mallick, S. Kumar, R Saha   Photo-responsive Schottky diode behavior of a donor–acceptor co-crystal with violet blue light emission       2021 1466-8033    
46 S. Paul, T.Majumdar, A. Mallick   Hydrogen bond regulated hydrogen sulfate ion recognition: an overview       2021 1477-9226    
47 M. Patra, S.K.Dubey, S. Singha, C.Rizzoli, S.Bhattacharjee, R. Saha   Investigation of intermolecular interactions between [Ho(H2O)8]4+ based 3D metal-organic supramolecular host and bipyridyl guest through crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis       2021 0095-8972    
48 S. Mallick, P. Garu, J. Chowdhury, R. Saha, S. Chattopadhyay   Sulphido bridged dinuclear quadruple bond cleavage product from the reaction between Re2 (µ-O2CCH3) 4Cl2 and dithiocarbamate: An experimental and theoretical study       2021 0277-5387    
49 S.Khatun, K.Shimizu, S. Singha, R. Saha, S. Watanabe, P.Roy   Defect Enriched Hierarchical Iron Promoted Bi2MoO6 Hollow Spheres as Efficient Electrocatalyst for Water Oxidation       2021 1385-8947    
50 R. Saha S. Jana   Organozinc Hydrazides and Their Derivatives: Synthesis, Structural Diversity and Applications       2021 1144-0546    
51 S. Mandal, M.Layek, R. Saha, C. Rizzoli, D.Bandyopadhyay   Synthesis, crystal structure and antibacterial activity of four mononuclear Schiff base complexes of copper (II) and nickel (II)       2021 0340-4285    
52 B. Mandal, A.Haldar, R Saha, D.Mandal   Mononuclear Mn (III) complex with sterically constrained phenol-based ligand: Synthesis, structure and catecholase activity       2020 0022-2860    
53 M. Kundu, B. Mondal, U K. Roy   Indium(I)/ CuFe2O4 reagent for allylation of carbonyls and epoxide rearranged carbonyls       2020 1070-3632    
54 S. P. Mandal, B. Mondal, R. Saha, M.Kundu and U.K. Roy   Reactivity of Electrochemically Synthesised Nano Zinc Wire in Facile Reduction of Nitro and Azide Compounds       2020 0376-4710    
55 P. Paul, M. Karar, Md Nur Alam, D.Dutta, T. Majumdar, A.Mallick   Circumstantial Overdose Management of an Efficient Cancer Cell Photosensitizer with Preclinical Evidence: A Biophysical Study       2020 2576-6422    
56 M. Karar, P. Paul, S. Paul, B. Haldar, A. Mallick, T.Majumdar   Dual macro-cyclic component based logic diversity       2020 0143-7208    
57 M. Karar, P.Paul, B. Biswas, A. Mallick, T. Majumdar   Excitation wavelength as logic operator       2020 0021-9606    
58 S. Goswami, S. Singha, I Saha, A. Chatterjee, S. K. Dey, C. J. G. García, A. Frontera, S. Kumar, R. Saha   Selective metal-ligand bond breaking driven by weak intermolecular interactions: from metamagnetic Mn(III)-monomer to  hexacyanoferrate(II)-bridged metamagnetic Mn2Fe-trimer       2020 0020-1669    
59 I. Ali, B. Mandal, R. Saha, R. Ghosh, M. C. Majee, D. Mondal, P. Mitra, D. Mandal   Mono and tri-nuclear cobalt(III) complexes with sterically constrained phenol based N2O2 ligand: Synthesis, structure and catechol oxidase activity       2020 0277-5387    
60 S. Singha, S. Goswami, S.Kumar Dey, R. Jana, P. P. Ray, I.Saha, C. Rizzoli, P.P. Bag, S. Kumar and R. Saha   Synergistic effect of various intermolecular interactions on self-assembly and optoelectronic behaviour in co crystals/salts of tetrabromoterephthalic acid: a report on their structure, theoretical study and Hirshfeld surface analysis       2020 1466-8033    
61 N. Dey, S. Bhattacharjee, S. Bhattacharya   Addressing Multiple Ions Using Single Optical Probe: Multi-Color Response via Mutually Independent Sensing Pathways       2020 2365-6549    
62 B. Kapasi and L.K. Joshi   A study of the effect of COVID-19 on the volatility of the Indian Stock Market       2021 2278-7925    
63 A. Mukherjee; P.S. Barma; J. Dutta;
G. Panigrahi; S. Kar; M. Maiti
  A multi‑objective antlion optimizer for the ring tree
problem with secondary sub‑depots
      2021 1109-2858    
64 P. S. Barma; J. Dutta; A. Mukherjee; S. Kar   A multi‑objective ring star vehicle routing problem for perishable items       2021 1868-5137    
65 S. Paroi   Attitude of Higher Secondary School Teacher Towards Inclusive Education in Birbhum District of West Bengal       2021 0974-648X    
66 R.Kundu,   S.K. Behera,  J. Mahanti   Attitude of Post Graduate Students Towards Sustainable Development       2020 2347-7180    
67 M. Mahato,S.K. Behera   Attitude of Post Graduate Students towards Choice Based Credit System       2021 2278-2435    
68 P. Mahato, S.K. Behera, M.S. Ansary   Attitude of Post Graduate Students Towards Blended Learning       2021 2147-6454    
69 A. Das, M. Das, S. Ghosh   Impact of Nutritional Status and Anemia on COVID-19- Is it a public health concern? Evidence from National Family Health Survey-4 (2015-2016), India       2020 1476-5616    
70 A. Das, S. Ghosh, K. Das, T. Basu I. Dutta, M. Das   Living environment matters: Unravelling the spatial clustering of COVID-19 hotspots in Kolkata megacity, India       2020 2210-6707    
71 A.Das, S.Ghosh, K. Das, T Basu, M. Das, I. Dutta   Modelling the Effect of Area-deprivation on COVID-19 Incidences: A Study of Chennai Megacity, India       2020 1476-5616    
72 S.Ghosh, A.t Das, T. K. Hembram, S. Saha, B. Pradhan and A. M. Alamri   Impact of COVID-19 Induced Lockdown on Environmental Quality in Four Indian Megacities Using Landsat 8 OLI and TIRS-Derived Data and Mamdani Fuzzy Logic Modelling Approach        2020  2071-1050    
73 A. Das, S. Ghosh, K. Das, I. Dutta, T. Basu, M. Das   (In) visible impact of inadequate WaSH Provision on COVID-19 incidences can be not be ignored in large and megacities of India       2020 1476-5616    
74 S. Ghosh, A. Das   Wetland conversion risk assessment of East Kolkata Wetland: A Ramsar site using random forest and support vector machine model       2020 0959-6526    
75 S. Rahaman,  S. ahangir, S. Haque,  R. Chen,  and P. Kuman    Spatio-temporal Changes of Green Speces and their Impact on Urban Environment of Mumbai, India       17-Jul-20 1573-2975    
76 A. Kumar, Y. Ray,  R. Ghosh, S. Bandyopadhyay, V. Singh, V. and P. Srivastava   Late Quaternary sedimentation history of the Himalaya and its foreland       2020 0705-3797    
77 Manob Das, Arijit Das, Raju Sarkar, Papiya Mandal, Sunil Saha, Sasanka Ghosh   Exploring short term spatio-temporal pattern of PM2.5 and PM10 and their relationship with meteorological parameters during COVID-19 in Delhi       2021 2212-0955    
78 M. Das, A. Das, S. Ghosh, R.Sarkar, S. Saha   Spatio-temporal concentration of atmospheric particulate matter (PM2.5) during pandemic: A study on most polluted cities of indo-gangetic plain       2021 2212-0955    
79 Akta Mandal   Jo Ek Stri Ko Janata Hai' Se 'Mai Ek Stri Ko Janata Hu' Tak Ki Yatra       2020 2348-3466    
80 Akta Mandal   Soft Corner : Aadami Ke Ird-Gird Ghumati Kathaayen       2020 2455-5169    
81 Akta Mandal   samvadiya men manviya samvedana       2020 2278-554X    
82 Nishant   Saral-Sahaj Sampreshaniya Sansmaran       2021 2278-554X    
83 Nishant   Manglesh Dabaral Ka Koi Vikalp Nahi Hai       2021 2278-554X    
84 Nishant   Jivan Yatra Ke Kavyatmak Vrittant        2020 2394-1723    
85 Tirthankar Ghosh   Land, Rivers and State: Embankment and Ecology in Colonial North Bengal       2021 2348-4489 (print); 2349-7718 (web)

86 Sk Maidul Rahman   Institutionalization of Veterinary Science in Colonial India       2021 0019-5235

87 Swati Sinha   Covid 19 in India: from the Eyes of Law       2021 2454-4655

88  Swati Sinha   Indian Sports Law and Policies       2021 2455-6211

89  Swati Sinha   An Emerging Trends of Clinical Trail in India: Scope and opportunity with Special Reference to Drugs and Cosmatics (Amendment) Bill 2013       2021 2394-3580

90 Dikila Sherpa   Crime against Women in India and the role of State Functionary       2021 2582-5836    
91 S. Karmakar,   M. R. Seikh,  O. Castillo   Type-2 intuitionistic fuzzy matrix games based on a new distance measure: Application to biogas-plant implementation problem       2021 1568-4946    
92 S. Ruidas,  M.R.Seikh, P.K. Nayak   A production inventory model with interval-valued carbon emission parameters under price-sensitive demand       2021 0360-8352    
93 M.R. Seikh, S. Karmakar,O.  Castillo,    A novel defuzzification approach of type-2 fuzzy variable to solving matrix games: An application to plastic ban problem       2021 1735-0654 (Print) 2676-4334 (Online)    
94 S. Ruidas,  M.R. Seikh, P.K. Nayak   A production-repairing inventory model considering demand and the proportion of defective items as rough intervals       2021 1866-1505    
95 M.R. Seikh, S. Karmakar,   P.K. Nayak   Matrix games with dense fuzzy payoffs       2021 1098-111X    
96 M.R. Seikh, S.  Karmakar    Credibility equilibrium strategy for matrix games with payoffs of triangular dense fuzzy lock sets       2021 0973-7677    
97 M.R. Seikh, U. Mandal,    Some Picture Fuzzy Aggregation Operators based on Frank t-norm and t-conorm: Application to MADM Process       2021 0350-5596(Print) 1854-3871 (Online)    
98 M.R. Seikh, U. Mandal   Q-rung orthopair fuzzy Frank aggregation operators and its application in multiple attribute decision-making with unknown attribute weights       2021 2364-4966(Print)  2364-4974 (Online)    
99 M.R. Seikh, S. Dutta,   Li, D. F.    Solution of matrix games with rough interval pay‐offs and its application in the telecom market share problem       2021 1098-111X    
100 M.R. Seikh, S. Dutta    Solution of matrix games with payoffs of single-valued trapezoidal neutrosophic numbers       2021 1432-7643(Print)  1433-7479 (Online)    
101 M.R. Seikh, S. Dutta    Solution of interval-valued matrix games using
intuitionistic fuzzy optimisation technique:
an effective approach
      2021 1757-5850E-1757-5869    
102 S. K. Pal, Y.V.S.S. Sanyasiraju, R. Usha   A consistent energy integral model for a film over a substrate featuring topographies       2021 1097-0363    
103 A. Kundu, T.Bug,          Sk. Nazmul   A new notion of orthogonality involving area and length       2021 1337-2211    
104 U. Badyakar,      Sk. Nazmul   Some fixed soft point results on soft S‑metric spaces       2021 2251-7456    
105 C. Pathak, S. Mukherjee, S.Kumar Ghosh   A three echelon supply chain model with stochastic demand dependent on price, quality and energy reduction       2021 1547-5816    
106  S. Kumar Ghosh, P. Goswami     Co-ordination among the manufacturer and duopoly retailers with recycling factors when the demand is price and price sensitive       2021 2349-5103    
107  P. Goswami, S.K. Ghosh and S. Mukherjee    Channel coordination in a three-echelon supply chain model with price, quality and advertising sensitive demand with sub-supply chain strategies       2021 2349-5103    
108 B. Dinda, S. K. Ghosh, T.K. Samanta   On w-convergence and s-convergence in intuitionistic fuzzy pseudo normed spaces
      2021 1793-0057    
109 C. Ghosh and S. Mondal   On composition of entire functionswith finite iterated order       2021 2090-729X    
110 S. Mondal, C. Ghosh and S. K. Datta   Existence of iterated proximate order and iterated proximate type of an entire function       2021 2090-729X    
111 C. Ghosh, S. K. Datta and S. Mondal   On the composition of analytic functions in the unit disc       2021 2090-584X (Print) 2090-5858 (Online)
112 C. Ghosh, S. Mondal and S. Khan   Existence of generalised logarithmic proximate order and generalised logarithmic proximate type of an entire function       2021 1976-8605 (Print) 2288-1433 (Online)    
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114 C. Ghosh, S. Khan and S. Mondal   On The Growth of Composite Entire Functions with Finite Logarithmic (p,q)-Order       2021 0304-9892 (Print) 2455-7463 (Online)    
115 M.R.Seikh, S. Karmakar, S., Xia   Solving matrix games with hesitant fuzzy pay-offs       2020 1735-0654 (Print) 2676-4334 (Online)    
116 S.K. Ghosh, M.Seikh, M. Chakrabortty   Analyzing a stochastic dual-channel supply chain under consumers’ low carbon preferences and cap-and-trade regulation       2020 0360-8352    
117 S.K. Ghosh, M.Seikh, M. Chakrabortty   Pricing Strategy and Channel Co-ordination in a Two-Echelon Supply Chain Under Stochastic Demand       2020 2349-5103(Print) 2199-5796 (Online)    
118 S. Ruidas,  M.R.Seikh,  P.K. Nayak   An EPQ model with stock and selling price dependent demand and variable production rate in interval environment       2020 0975-6809(Print)  0976-4348(Online)    
119 S. K. Hota, B.Sarkar and S. K. Ghosh   Effects of unequal lotsize and variable transportation in reliable supply chain management       2020 2227-7390    
120 M. Mishra, S. K.Hota, B. Sarkar and S. K.Ghosh    Controlling Waste and Carbon Emission for a sustainable closed-loop supply chain management under a cap-and-trade strategy       2020 2227-7390    
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123 C. Ghosh, A. Bandyopadhyay and S. Mondal   Relative L-order of an entire function       2020 1976-8605 (Print) 2288-1433 (Online)    
124 S. K. Datta, C. Ghosh and J. Saha   On the ring of hyperbolic valued functions       2020 0046-5402    
125 C. Ghosh, S. K. Datta, S. Khan and S. Mondal    Comparative growth of composite entire functions with finite logarithmic order       2020 2457-497X    
126 C. Ghosh, S. K. Datta, S. Mondal and S. Khan    On the growth of composite entire functions with finite iterated logarithmic order       2020 2457-497X    
127 S. R. Ghosh, S. Mukherjee, S. Banerjee   Development of Spinel Magnesium Aluminate by Solution Combustion route using Thiourea and Urea as fuel       2020  1726-6742, Print 1726-6009    
128 S.Mukherjee   Band-gap and PL spectra of Bismuth ferrite-Nickel ferrite Nanocomposites synthesized by Wet Chemistry       2020  2523-8957, Print 0020-5214    
129 B. Biswas, B. Hazra, N. Mukherjee, A. Sinha   Nanomechanical behaviour of ZrO2 dispersed sisal-based polymeric composites       2021 1464-4207, Online 2041-3076    
130 B Biswas, N Mukherjee, A Sinha   Indentation behavior of cellulosic fibers/fly ash-incorporated polymer composites at sub-micron scale       2021 1350-6501, Online 2041-305X    
131 B Biswas, N R Bandyopadhyay, G Mandal, A Sinha   Effect of alkaline treatment on mechanical properties of composites: Unsaturated polyester reinforced ZrO2/jute and sisal       2021  0967-3911, Online 1478-2391)    
132 S. Sanyal, A. Chakraborty, A. Sarkar, S. K Pradhan, U Madhu, S Chabri, A Das, A Sinha   Tribological Characteristics of Thermomechanically Processed 7075 Al Alloy Through Nano-scratch Characterization       2021 1350-6501, Online 2041-305X    
133 Bhabatosh Biswas, Biplab Hazra, Subhabrata Chakraborty, Nillohit Mukherjee, Arijit Sinha   Mechanical behavior of cellulosic fiber-incorporated modified fly ash-dispersed polymeric composites       2021 0954-4089, Online 2041-3009    
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