Sl. No. Name of the teacher Title of the book/chapters published Title of the paper Title of the proceedings of the conference Name of the conference National / International Year of publication ISBN/ISSN Affiliating institute at the time of publication Name of the publisher
1 Dr. Suprabhat Mukherjee Oxidative Stress in Microbial Diseases Redox Regulatory Circuits as Targets for Therapeutic Intervention of Bancroftian Filariasis: Biochemical, Molecular and Pharmacological Perspectives International 2019 978-981-13-8762-3 Kazi Nazrul University Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.
2 Pratima Prasad Prabha Khetan Ke Sahitya Me Samajik Yatharth Aur Stri National 2019 978-81-943285-6-8 Kazi Nazrul University Vikas Publication
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4 Dr. Arindam Biswas A Complete Guide to Wireless Sensor Networks: from Inception to Current Trends International 2019 978-1-138-57828-9 Kazi Nazrul University CRC Press
5 Dr. Arindam Biswas The Quantum Cost, Garbage Outputs and Constant Input Optimized Implementation of 2:4 Decoder Using Peres Gate IEEE Explore International Conference on Devices for Integrated Circuit (DevIC) International 2019 978-1-5386-6722-4 Kazi Nazrul University IEEE
6 Dr. Arindam Biswas Noise Analysis of 1.0 THz GaN IMPATT Source IEEE Explore International Conference on Devices for Integrated Circuit (DevIC) International 2019 978-1-5386-6722-5 Kazi Nazrul University IEEE
7 Dr. Sujay Bandyopadhyay Probability of Flooding and Vulnerability Assessment of the Damodar Valley in Eastern India: Alternative Strategies for Flood Risk Reduction Proceedings of the International Forum on Education and Rural Transformation International Forum on Education for Rural Transformation International 2019 978-616-8230-01-5 Kazi Nazrul University Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
8 Prof. (Dr.) A.S. Purakayastha Violence in South Asia: Contemporary Perspectives International 2019 9780367321321 Kazi Nazrul University Routledge
9 Prof. (Dr.) A.S. Purakayastha Secular Sectarianism: Limits of Subaltern Politics Governance as Practice and Politics as Intersectionality: Socializing Governance, Localizing Theories International 2019 9789353881320 Kazi Nazrul University Sage
10 Dr. Sumit Paroi Reconceptualizing Teaching and Learning Blended Learning for Teachers of 21st Century: Theory and Practices National 2019 978-81-929219-4-5 Kazi Nazrul University The Registrar, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata
11 Dr. Debasish Nandy India-United States Bilateral Relations in the Post-Cold War Years: Trends and Directions India in the New World Order: The Changing Contours of Her Foreign Policy Under Narendra Modi National 2019 978-81-269-3037-1 Kazi Nazrul University Atlantic, New Delhi
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13 Dr. Debasish Nandy Role of International Organizations in World Politics Gulf Cooperation Council: Investigating its Role in Regional and Global Milieu National 2019 9-788194-187493 Kazi Nazrul University Blue Roan Publishing House, Ahmedabad
14 Dr. Debasish Nandy The Impact of Global Terrorism on Economic and Political Development - Afro-Asian Perspective In Search of Joint Governmental Policy against International Terrorism: India and the United States of America International 2019 9781787699205 Kazi Nazrul University Emerald Publishing Limited, London
15 Dr. Debasish Nandy Globalization & Socio-Political Change: Problems & Prospects Indo-US Relations in the Era of Globalization National 2019 978-81-934041-9-5 Kazi Nazrul University Blue Roan Publishing House, Ahmedabad
16 Dr. Debasish Nandy India in South Asia: Challenges and Opportunities Democracy, Civil Society and Human Security in a War-torn State: A Case Study of Afghanistan National 2019 978-93-89224-43-6 Kazi Nazrul University Kunal Books, Kolkata
17 Dr. Debasish Nandy Handbook of Research on Economic and Political Implications of Green Trading and Energy Use Energy Security and Economic Growth in South Asia: An Alternative Policy Option International 2019 9781522585473 Kazi Nazrul University IGI Global, USA
18 Dr. Monalisa Das Sroddhaspadesu: Srutinath Chakraborty Sammanana Grantha, Edited by Dr. Anup Mahata & Shree Gopal Chandra Ghosh Adhyapak Shrutinath Chakraborty Shradhyarga National 2019 978-93-85122-57-6 Kazi Nazrul University S.S. Publication, Kolkata
19 Dr. Monalisa Das Nazrul Manaslok Nazrul er Sishu Natak: Nazrul-Pratibhar Ek Ananya Utvas International 2019 978-984-34-7585-5 Kazi Nazrul University Institute of Nazrul Studies, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Mymensingh
20 Dr. Swati Sinha Fundamentals of Natural Justice and Their Applications National 2018 978-81-938258-2-6 Kazi Nazrul University Kazi Nazrul University
21 Dr. Swati Sinha Indian Constitution: Essay in Honour of Prof. (Dr.) SS Singh Politics, Secularism, and Cow Slaughtering in India: A Critique National 2018 978-93-86088-74-1 Kazi Nazrul University ABS Books, Delhi
22 Bhrigu Vishwakarma Indian Constitution: Essay in Honour of Prof. (Dr.) SS Singh Working of Indian Constitution and Fundamental Duties National 2018 978-93-86088-74-1 Kazi Nazrul University ABS Books, Delhi
23 Dr. Priyanka Guha Roy History of Natural Disasters in India: Perceptions and Implications Forest Fires: Natural Disaster or Colonial Mal-Handling of Nature National 2018 978-81-929635-9-4 Kazi Nazrul University Alphabet Books, Kolkata
24 Prof. (Dr.) Amitava Chatterjee Mapping the Path to Maturity: A Connected History of Bengal and the North-East Genealogies of Sports Associations in Bengal: Historicising the Institutionalization of European Clubs with Native Akharas International 2018 1138490946 Kazi Nazrul University Routledge
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28 Dr. Sritam Mazumdar Prabahaman Banglacharcha: A Collection of Selected Research Articles Presented in the Third International Banglacharcha Seminar Bangla Sahitye Musalman Akhyan: Swatontryer Sondhane Jatra National 2018 978-93-5281-453-4 Kazi Nazrul University Diya Publication, Kolkata
29 Dr. Debasish Nandy Dynamics of Global Terrorism Combatting International Terrorism: India and the United States National 2018 978-93-80763-08-3 Kazi Nazrul University Avenel Press, Kolkata
30 Dr. Monalisa Das Sahitye Antajashreni Madhyajuger Bangla Sahitye Antajaer Utthan National 2017 978-93-85454-25-7 Kazi Nazrul University Ebong Prantik, Kolkata
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32 Dr. Monalisa Das Aloksampate Nazrul: Ekush Shataker Manone National 2017 978-93-86508-24-9 Kazi Nazrul University Bangiya Sahitya Samsad, Kolkata
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