Training and Placement Cell

Training and Placement Cell

1. About

The training and placement cell of Kazi Nazrul University is fully equipped to render all the necessary assistance for the students and help them in their search for a meaning job. The cell also plays a crucial role in obtaining suitable training and employment for diploma holder and graduates of the university. By connecting to external organizations, the cell endeavours to bring a broad spectrum of opportunities to satisfy the diverse requirements and aspirations of the students.

(i) To organize campus interviews for final year students with industries and corporate houses of repute from all over India.
(ii) To prepare students to face campus interviews, the University will conduct in-house training and may collaborate with professional trainers by arranging training in Aptitude tests, group discussions, preparing for Technical and HR interviews.
(iii) To motivate students to develop technical knowledge and soft skills in terms of career planning and goal setting.
(iv) To motivate students aspire for higher studies and guiding them to take competitive exams such as CAT, GATE, TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, UPSC etc.
(v) To build a strong network and establish connections among the Industry, Corporate, Alumni and University for Placements, Internships and related activities.

2. Activities

3. Members

(i) Training and Placement Committee

Chairman: Dr. Ranjib Biswas, Registrar
Convener: Dr. Arghya Majumder, Training and Placement Officer (Additional Charge)

Prof. (Dr.) Santanu Kumar Ghosh, Dean, Faculty Council for Post-Graduate Studies in Science, Technology and Vocational Studies
Prof (Dr.) Anindya  Sekhar Purakayastha, Dean, Faculty Council for Post-Graduate Studies in Arts, Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Traditional Art Forms
Mr. Maheswar Malo Das, Development and Planning Officer

(ii) Department-wise Training and Placement Coordinator ( Faculty )

Animal Science: Dr. Sourabh Sulabh
Applied Psychology: Varsha Mitra
Commerce: Dr. Baneswar Kapasi
Education: Mr. Tapash Das
English: Puja Hansda
Geography: Dr. Sujay Bandyopadhyay
Hindi: Dr. Kaju Kumari Shaw
Mathematics: Dr. Moumita Chiney
Metallurgical Engineering: Dr. Gurudas Mandal
Mining Engineering: Mr. Soumyadeep Pati
Philosophy: Sk. Abdul Halim
Physics: Dr. Nandan Pakhira
Political Science: Mr. Anupam Patra

(iii) Department-wise Training and Placement Coordinator (Students)

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4. Modus Operandi

  • The Placement Committee of each Department/School/Centre is responsible for initializing the Placement Process.
  • At the commencement of each academic year, each participating School will constitute a Placement Committee consisting of representatives from placement office, students and a faculty member to be nominated by the Dean of the faculty.
  • The University's placement cell will facilitate the placement of all eligible students who are validly enrolled in the respective programmes.
  • All students of KNU who are eligible and require placement assistance must fill a Placement registration form.
  • Once registered, each student must participate in the placement activities.
  • Student wishing to opt out of the placement assistance can do so by signing the declaration in Appendix 1.
  • Campus placement involves interacting with external entities/people. It represents a significant opportunity for creating goodwill and esteem for the student and the University. The participating entities view the student as an ambassador of the University. Students are therefore cautioned to display civility and good professional conduct while interacting with the external entities. If any student is found to be in violation of professional code of conduct, he/she is liable to be debarred from placement assistance.
  • All participating students are required to be present in the University on all days of placement-related activities in formal attires.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to follow all deadlines arising out of the placement processes. For this purpose, the student must regularly check the emails, messages, or notices from the online portal and comply with the actions as required within the indicated timelines. Non-adherence to the timelines may lead to denial of the subsequent process outcomes such as interviews etc.
  • Students are required to keep a track of the communications regarding the companies with Job opportunities. If a student eligible as per the Job Description chooses not to apply for three (3) consecutive eligible job postings, then it may validly imply that the student is not interested in pursuing the placement assistance process. In such cases, the student will be denied further placement assistance.
  • For securing a job, a maximum of five (5) attempts of selection rounds will be allowed. If a student fails to obtain a confirmed job offer after appearing for selection interview of five (5) organizations, then he/she will automatically opt out of the placement assistance from the University.
  • All job offers will be made via the Placement Office. No direct offers to students will not be permitted.
  • KNU follows a one student, one job offer policy. So, it becomes mandatory for the student to accept the first job offer. Upon receiving the first job offer, the student will be automatically considered as placed, and removed from list of students awaiting job offers.
  • Students are expected to behave professionally with all employees of KNU. Any misconduct, misbehaviour, non-maintenance of decorum would be dealt with seriously and could lead to disqualification from all Placement related assistance from the University.

5. Action taken so far

Activities related to internship have already started through the linkages with companies. The cell has arranged internships  in some important companies like SAILe, ECL,BCCL etcTrainings are arranged for the .Students of Diploma & Professional Courses in renowned companies like ECL,ISCO BURNPUR,TATA HITACHI,SUPER SMELTERSetc
100% placements in Mining Engineering Post Diploma Practical Training. Various placements are also arranged in different sectors.

  • Rashmi Metaliks
  • Orissa Metaliks
  • Tata Tinplate
  • Rashmi Cement &Sponge Iron
  • Kiswok Industry Pvt Ltd
  • Jai Balaji
  • Nucifera Entertainment Pvt Ltd
  • NZ Terminal Pvt Ltd

6. Success Stories

Placement Record of KNU