Sl. No. Name Of The Certificate Course Course Code Coordinator(S) / Joint Coordinator(S) Department / Centre Duration Mode Total Seat Capacity Minimum seats to be fulfilled for running the course Course Fees Course Details List of Admitted Students
1 Goods And Services Tax Return Filing KNUVAC001 Dr Baneshwar Kapasi And Dr Mahesh Kumar Kurmi Commerce 30 Hours Online 100 30 750/- GSTRF Brochure Final Admitted Students
2 Migration Studies KNUVAC002 Dr Debashish Nandy CSSSEAS 30 Hours Online 50 20 750/- MS Brochure Admitted Students
3 Culture And Society: Theories And Performances KNUVAC003 Dr Monalisa Das and Prof Anindya Sekhar Purakayastha CTSP 30 Hours Both Online and Offline 20 10 300/- CSTP Brochure Admitted Students
4 E-Pedagogical Practices for Promoting Learning KNUVAC004 Dr Santosh Kumar Behera Education 32 Hours Online 55 22 250/- EPPPL Brochure Admitted Students
5 Yoga for Daily Life KNUVAC005 Dr Santosh Kumar Behera And Dr Sumit Paroi Education 32 Hours Online 55 22 250/- YDL Brochure Admitted Students
6 Organic Optoelectronics & Spintronics: Fabrication, Modelling and Experimental Techniques KNUVAC008 Prof J N Roy, Dr Puja Dey and Dr Arindam Biswas COSOD 45 Hours Both Online and Offline 40 20 750/- OOSFMET Brochure Admitted Students
7 Philosophising About Some Socio-Political-Ethical Issues KNUVAC010 Dr Kalyan Banerjee and Mr Bhabesh Gayen Collaboration (PHILOSOPHY AND CSESPP) 32 Hours Online 80 50 500/- PASSPEI Brochure Admitted Students
8 Integrated Sustainable Disaster Management KNUVAC011 Dr Asamanja Chattoraj, Dr Sujay Bandyopadhyay, Dr Sumit Paroi, Mr Sanjoy Gorain, Mr Sasanka Ghosh And Shuvabrata Poddar Collaboration (Transdisciplinary Faculty Collective Initiative) 34 Hours Online 100 30 250/- ISDM Brochure Admitted Students
9 Nationalism in India KNUVAC014 Dr Pradip Das and Dr Priyanka Guha Roy HISTORY 30 Hours Online 100 20 600/- Nationalism Brochure Admitted Students