DVV - Clarification

1.1_Curriculum Design and Development
1.2_Academic Flexibility
1.3_Curriculum Enrichment
1.4_Feedback System
2.1_Student Enrolment and Profile
2.2_Catering to Student Diversity
2.3_Teaching - Learning Process
2.4_Teacher Profile and Quality
2.5_Evaluation Process and Reforms
2.6_Student Performance and Learning Outcomes
3.1_Promotion of Research and Facilities
3.2_Resource Mobilization for Research
3.3_Innovation Ecosystem
3.4_Research Publications and Awards
3.6_Extension Activities
4.1_Physical Facilities
4.2_Library as a Learning Resource
4.3_IT Infrastructure
4.4_Maintenance of Campus Infrastructure
5.1_Student Support
5.2_Student Progression
5.3_Student Participation and Activities
6.2_Strategy Development and Deployment
6.3_Faculty Empowerment Strategies
6.4_Financial Management and Resource Mobilization
6.5_Internal Quality Assurance System
7.1_Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities
Extended Profile