Brief History of the Department

Department of Chemistry, Kazi Nazrul University has started journey from September, 2016 with two permanent faculty members: Dr U. K. Roy and Dr R. Saha, and 15 post graduate students. The department has recruited four guest lecturers of different specialisations to complete the total academic syllabus. The department provides two specialisations: Inorganic and Organic. The department is now enriched with three more faculty members: Dr A. Mallick and Dr S. K. Saha joined on April, 2018 and Dr Subham Bhattacharjee later joined the department on March 2019. After successive two years running, we became able to set up all the PG course laboratories, one instrumental lab consisting of IR, UV and Flurimeter and two research laboratories. Thanks to Government of West Bengal for providing the fund to build up the laboratories.

Department of Chemistry, Kazi Nazrul University has started its research programme from this year. Four students have registered for doctoral degree. Not only that, our faculty members also continue their research with different collaborative research institutes and published a number of research articles in peer reviewed high impact journals.

Vision of the Department

The vision of the Department is to move towards Excellence in Higher Education in order to cater a bunch of dedicated, skilled and knowledgeable chemist to fulfill the need of the scientific world and the society in consonance with the societal values. We want to be a leader in science and technology education, knowledge creation and innovation, in India marching towards a just, inclusive and sustainable society.

Mission of the Department

To translate the vision into reality, the Department is committed

  • To create knowledge through team effort and individually for the benefit of society.
  • To impart education to produce professionals capable of leading efforts towards innovative products and processes for the development of the country and humanity in general.
  • To inculcate a spirit of entrepreneurship and to impart the ability to devise globally recognized solutions for the problems of society and industry.
  • To train teachers capable of inspiring the next generation of scientists and researchers.
  • To work intensely with industry in pursuit of the above goals of education and research, leading to the development of cutting edge and commercially-viable technologies.
  • To operate in an ambience marked by overriding respect for ability and merit.

  • Programme/ Course Offered

    Prog. or Course  Duration Starting Year Intake Students Enrolled
    M.Sc. 2 Years 2016 40 29
    Ph.D. 3 Years (Min.) 2018 18 3





Vacant - 01

Associate Professor:

Vacant - 01

Assistant Professor:


Dr. Ujjal Kanti Roy
Dr. Ujjal Kanti Roy

Associate Professor


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Dr. Rajat Saha
Dr. Rajat Saha

Assistant Professor & H.O.D./Co-Ordinator


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Dr. Arabinda Mallick
Dr. Arabinda Mallick

Assistant Professor


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Dr. Swadhin Kumar Saha
Dr. Swadhin Kumar Saha

Assistant Professor


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Dr. Subham Bhattacharjee
Dr. Subham Bhattacharjee

Assistant Professor

+91-+91 8910444030

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Research Programmes


Thrust Area

  • Advanced Organic Synthesis and catalysis
  • Sensing
  • Crystal Engineering
  • Polymer-Nanocomposites and Biological applications of Nanomaterials

Research Fellows / Research Scholars / Research Associates / Projects Fellows

Sl. No. Name Designation Supervisor / PI Research Programme
1 Mousumi Kundu Research Scholar Dr Ujjal Kanti Roy Ph.D.
2 Manas Layek Research Scholar Dr Rajat Saha Ph.D.
3 Siba Prasad Mondal Research Scholar Dr Ujjal Kanti Roy Ph.D.
4 Soumen Kumar Dubey Research Scholar Dr Rajat Saha &
Dr Subham Bhattacharjee
5 Biplab Biswas Research Scholar Dr Rajat Saha &
Dr Swadhin Kumar Saha
6 Maxcimilan Patra Research Scholar Dr Rajat Saha &
Dr Subham Bhattacharjee
7 Riya Chatterjee Research Scholar Dr Arabinda Mallick Ph.D.
8 Moumita Patra Research Scholar Dr Ujjal Kanti Roy Ph.D.

Major Research Project/ Ongoing Individual Research Project in Department

Name of the Investigator Title of the project and duration Amount sanctioned Funding Agency
Dr. Ujjal Kanti Roy Cu and Cu-based Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Applications in Catalysis
Duration: 3 years
2,30,000/- WBDST, Kolkata
Dr. Rajat Saha Porphyrin based Metal-organic Frameworks for the Efficient Conversion of CO2 to Value Added Chemicals
Duration: 3 years
18,30,000/- TARE – SERB, Government of India
Dr. Subham Bhattacharjee Nanoporous membrane for sea water desalination and purification of industrial waste water
Duration: 5 years
35,00,000/- Inspire Faculty Award, DST-SERB, New Delhi

Seminar/ Workshop/ Conference/ Symposium Organized

Sl. No. Title Duration Sponsored by Level
1 Life and Works of Professor Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray” – A tribute to Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray on his 157th birth anniversary August, 2018 Department of Chemistry, Kazi Nazrul Universty National
2 Science Academies Lecture Workshop on "Recent Trends in Chemistry" 28 - 29 August, 2018 Joint Science Education Panel, Indian Academy of Sciences National


a. General Laboratory:

Our department is composed of three different laboratories for post graduate students which are as follows: i) Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, ii) Organic Chemistry and iii) Physical Chemistry. The labs are well set up to fulfil the normal practical classes and specialisations. It is equipped with proper water circulation, electricity, exhaust system, fire extinguisher, sufficient glass wares and chemicals.And, we have one Instrumental Laboratory. This laboratory also consists of UV-vis Spectrophotometer, IR Spectrometer and one Photoluminescence Instrument. All the post graduate students are trained to handle those instruments for their future.

b. Computer Laboratory:

Our department has a well set up computer laboratory in combination with other basic science departments.

c. Research Laboratory:

Till date, we have become able to set up two science i.e. research laboratories. One is running by Dr. U. K. Roy (Advanced organic synthesis and catalysis) and other is by Dr. R. Saha (Crystallography). Dr Roy is an organic chemist and his research focus is advanced organic synthesis and catalysis. And Dr Saha is an inorganic chemist and crystallographer and his research focus is crystal engineering. Dr A. Mallick has keen interest in bio-molecule sensing. Both, Dr A. Mallick and Dr S. K. Saha will be benefited with their laboratory shortly.

d. Departmental Library:

A small departmental library has been built up in the last semester with the help of central library and specimen copies by collecting from the departmental faculties. There student can also access online journals and inflibnet journals.

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