Brief History of the Department

In 2015, the Department of Law under the Kazi Nazrul University began its first academic session. Initially, four guest faculties named: Dr. Krishnaendu Roy, Dr. Lipika Dutta, Sri Bhrigu Vishwakarma and Monalisa Mondal were appointed as the first faculty members to run the two years LL.M course in Criminal Law and Criminology. The Department has started regulating 3 years LL.B (Hons.) and 5 years B.A. LL.B (Hons.) as self-financing courses in two different Law Colleges and PG Course in Law in the campus as state aided course. In 2016, the Department of Law got its first permanent faculty member, Dr. Swati Sinha. Dr. Sinha  who with her dedication and hard work build the Law Department’s reputation by reviewing and redesigning its LL.M course structure. In 2016, she introduced CBCS model as proposed and mandated/directed by UGC in the year 2014 in PG Courses of Law and in UG Courses of Law, too, keeping in the mind the Legal Education Rule, 2008 prescribed by Bar Council of India for UG Courses in Law. The Syllabi was designed with vision of National Law University and traditional university with three specialized areas, i.e., Criminal Law and Criminology, Constitutional Law and Legal Order, and Environmental Law and Legal Order. The Department is also offering two open elective papers as minor elective course for the all students of Kazi Nazrul University. These Courses are based on Human Rights Education and Co-operative federalism. Afterwards, in 2017 the Department of law opened specialization in another subject namely ‘Constitutional Law and Legal Order. In 2016, PhD programme was introduced with a view to switch on legal research in the Department. Presently, there are three students registered in doctoral research at the Department. In 2018, the University has recruited Sri Bhrigu Vishwakarma as another whole time faculty member on substantive post in the Department. In 2019, 5 years B.A. LL.B (Hons) and BCOM LL.B (Hons) was Introduced in the campus of the University. In 2019, the University has recruited Dr. Mukul Mondal, Dikila Sherpa and Rumee Lepcha as whole time faculty members on substantive posts in the Department of Law. 

Presently, the Department of Law is imparting 5 years B.A. LL.B (Hons) and BCOM LL.B (Hons), and two years LL.M Programme with two specializations, namely Criminal Law and Criminology, and Constitutional Law and Legal order.With a view to provide holistic perspective of legal education and research, the Department of Law continues its progressive orientation towards its integrative legal studies and research in Law.

Vision of the Department

Department of Law under Kazi Nazrul University started its journey in 2015 with a vision of promoting advanced studies and research in Law by offering two years full time LL.M course. It is hoped that the Department would impart knowledge based quality education in law for the development of the country. With in very short period of time the department would dedicate itself to advancing human dignity, social welfare and justice by adopting an education policy having total quality management based on practical approach in legal studies.

Mission of the Department

  • To provide the student with adequate knowledge and experience of the country’s legal system;
  • To provide a scholarly and vibrant learning environment that enables staff and students to achieve personal and professional growth;
  • To inculcate in the students the ethical values in the life to their professional development;
  • In view of present Globalization to familiarize the students with a goal and objectives of International Law and also the applicability in the day to day transaction;
  • Bring awareness among the students of their obligations towards earth and environment;
  • To give such education to the learners that caters to the needs of various employment opportunities to which the learners can have early access with equal opportunity;
  • To facilitate the promotion of research culture among faculty and students;
  • To promote scholarly achievements and reach the topmost position among the Universities imparting Advanced studies in Law.

Programme/ Course Offered

Prog. or Course


Starting Year


Students enrolled


5 years





5 years





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Vacant - 01

Associate Professor:

Vacant - 01

Assistant Professor:


Dr. Swati Sinha
Dr. Swati Sinha

Associate Professor


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Bhrigu Vishwakarma
Bhrigu Vishwakarma

Assistant Professor & Coordinator


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Dr. Mukul Mondal
Dr. Mukul Mondal

Assistant Professor


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Dikila Sherpa
Dikila Sherpa

Assistant Professor


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Rumee Lepcha
Rumee Lepcha

Assistant Professor


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Research Programmes

Ph.D. (PhD of Three registered Candidates are going on.)

Thrust Area

  •    Criminal law and criminology
  •    Constitutional Law
  •    Legal Education
  •    Business Law

Seminar/ Workshop/ Conference/ Symposium Organized

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Mental Health Care Bill, 2016 vis-a-vis Concept of Mental Health

One day

Department of law


Students Seminar


Principles of Natural Justice

One day

Kazi Nazrul University


First Distinguished Law Lecture Series

Outreach / Extension Programmes

  • Legal Aid Programme at TDB College Raniganj (2017)
  • “Relevance of Human Rights in India” organised in Saltoda College, Bankura on 23 March, 2017.
  • Legal Aid Programme at Raniganj Girls College (2018)
  • Anti-corruption day, CMRI, Durgapur (2018)
  • KNU Legal Aid Programme chaired by Dr. RoshanLal Dewangan and Urbi Mukherjee (2019)
  • "POCSO Act” in St. Vincent School, Asansol (2019)


a. Law Library:

The Department of Law has an up to date and rich collection of law books including the reference books.

b. Class room with PPT Facilities:

The Law Department uses modern tools for law teaching. The students are trained to take classes with the aid of modern technologies such as PPT in the class rooms. One of the ways to assess the law students is through PPT presentation before the whole class.

Cultural events organised by the Department

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