Brief History of the Department

The Department of Urdu has been introduced on 9th November, 2019 from academic session 2019-20 in the campus of Kazi Nazrul University. This University is the second University of West Bengal where a Department of Urdu has been introduced in the University campus. The department started offering 4 semesters of M.A. in Urdu with an intake capacity of 40 students, commencement of classes were held on 9th November, 2019 in the court room of Vidyacharcha Bhavan by appointing some eminent Guest lecturers and Professors from different Universities and colleges, and also appointing Dr. Md Farooque Azam, Assistant Professor, Ranigang Girls’ College as a coordinator.

Vision of the Department

The vision of the Department is to move towards Excellence in Higher Education in order to enable dedicated, skilled and knowledgeable empowerment of students, enhance self dependability of students in the society, in consonance with the social, moral and humane values. We want to be a leader in education, knowledge creation and innovation in india; marching toward a just, inclusive and sustainable society.

Mission of the Department:

To translate the vision into reality, the Department is committed:

  • To provide basic knowledge regarding concepts, theories, issues and debates that characterizes the study of contemporary Urdu so that students can confidently appear in NET, SET and other competitive examinations.
  • To introduce Ph.D. course in Urdu for better research of Urdu literature.
  • To initiate intellectual urge among the students for understanding most pressing social issues in terms of literature.
  • To give importance on our educational mission and learning in both high quality and innovative teaching and support for outstanding student experience, commitment to the highest standards of academic consistency and vitality; serving social, cultural and economic needs of the community and the society.
  • To provide new technologies for teaching-learning and research.
  • To provide some special lectures by some eminent professors of Urdu of different Universities.
  • To create highly manifested academic environment to support better student experience and teaching as well as research.
  • To motivate the students for preparing for wall-magazines, Quizzes, Group discussions, students’ seminar, etc.
  • To motivate the students to attend Departmental seminars, interdisciplinary seminars, special lectures, seminar library, workshops, conferences. etc.

Programme/Course Offered

Name of the Course Duration Year from which the Course Started Total Intake Capacity No, of students enrolled

M.A. 2 Years 2019 40 (2019-20)
50 (2020-21)




Associate Professor:
Assistant Professor:


Dr. Md Farooque Azam
Dr. Md Farooque Azam

Assistant. Professor & Coordinator (Ext.)


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Seminar/ Workshop/ Conference/ Symposium Organized

Sl. No. Title Duration Sponsored by Level
1. Tassawwarat-e-Ghalib 12th February, 2020 Dept. of Urdu, KNU University
2. Special Lecture on Urdu Fiction 24th June, 2020 Dept. of Urdu, KNU University


Departmental Library

The Department has a library with sample number of books for the access of students and teachers of the department.

  • No. of Books: 35

Cultural events organised by the Department

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