Centre for Studies In Clinical Psychology

About the Centre

Clinical Psychology as the discipline has been serving in area of mental health since late 1800. However, its professional value and requirement as clinical discipline was accepted most part of the world during World War. Clinical psychology focuses on diagnosing and treating mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Along with clinical psychology another branch, Rehabilitation Psychology, get prominence in area of services with person with disability. Rehabilitation psychologists have shown their competencies, especially in West, in changing the attitude of people in dealing with disability, government policy and removing physical barriers, and empowering and community integration of disabled. Today, in India, Clinical Psychologist and Rehabilitation Psychologist have been identified as the professional areas in service of mental health, disability and rehabilitation. Clinical psychologist and rehabilitation psychologist are among mental health professionals of importance in ‘the Mental Health Act, 2017’. These professionals are recruited in NMHP, DMHP, psychiatric intuitions, rehabilitation centres and academia. However, there is scarcity of training centers for these professionals. To ascertain training competency and uniformity of Clinical Psychologist in India course and curriculum on M Phil in Clinical Psychology has been designed and prescribed by the RCI. As per prerequisite mentioned by RCI (3.1) “there shall be an independent Department of Clinical Psychology, headed by a qualified Clinical Psychologist in the institute/university”. To fulfill this prerequisite an independent centre- Centre for Studies in Clinical Psychology, under the Faculty of Science, Technology and Vocational Studies has been started.

Mission of the Centre

  • The primary focus of centre will be preparing trained Govt. registered mental health professionals. These mental health professionals shall be authorized to diagnose, intervene, rehabilitate and certify in concern areas of mental illness (The Mental Healthcare Act, 2017; RCI Act, 1992).
  • The centre shall conduct research independently or with collaboration in the area of mental health.

Members of the Centre

  • Patron: Honorable Vice Chancellor, KNU
  • Advisory Committee:
    • Internal- Registrar (Ex officio), KNU
    • Dean, Faculty of Science, KNU (ex officio)
  • External Members:
    • Prof Promila Singh, School of Studies in Psychology, Pt Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur
    • Prof Sanjukta Das, Department of Psychology, University of Calcutta, Kolkata
    • Prof Amool Ranjan Singh, Department of Clinical Psychology, RINPAS, Ranchi


  • Dr Roshan Lal Dewangan, Assistant Professor, Dept of Applied Psychology

Associated Faculties

  • Mr Shuvabrata Poddar, Assistant Professor, Dept of Applied Psychology, KNU
  • Ms Urbi Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, Dept of Applied Psychology, KNU