Nazrul Centre for Social and Cultural Studies (NCSCS)


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About NCSCS:

Area of Research & Works

This research centre named after Kazi Nazrul Islam, the renowned Bengali poet seeks to concretize the values and principles envisioned by Nazrul in the domain of aesthetic excellence and socio-cultural regeneration. Nazrul`s creative genius opened up new vistas of creativity and carved a unique niche in constituting a rich legacy of creative practices informed by social consciousness and reformist zeal. Nazrul is recognized within and outside India not only for his rebellious verses charged with profound emotions but also for his original contributions in the fields of music and performing arts, fiction and non-fictional prose, journalism, etc. His unflinching critique of all sorts of dogmatism including religious fundamentalism, his philosophic outlook, radical political ideas, great love for nature, and also his immense commitment to usher in social transformation have made him a towering poetic persona.

Objective of the Centre

Pursuing the spirit and ideologies of Nazrul, this Centre for Social and Cultural Studies (NCSCS) aims at nurturing and disseminating Nazrul’s philosophy of inclusiveness and social justice through the cultivation of creative ventures such as literature, performing arts, cultural innovation and critical social inquiry.

  • Promoting co-operation on inter-cultural and inter-religious studies in the South Asian countries, with a view to strengthen bilateral and cultural relations between them
  • Exploring the relevance of Nazrul’s ideas on the emancipation of the oppressed such as the minorities and women
  • To promote Nazrul’s ideas against Fascism and oppression
  • Developing an atmosphere for serious research activities on Nazrul’s philosophical ideas
  • Building a state-of-the-art “Research Library” enabling the ramifications of Nazrul’s central socio-cultural and political thoughts
  • Introducing major and minor research projects of both individual and collaborative nature in the areas of Nazrul’s interest and the emerging allied areas;
  • Organizing Special Lectures, National and International Seminars and Conferences, Workshops, Symposiums throughout the year for ‘critical analysis’ of Nazrul’s thoughts in the scenario of social, religious and political issues of the contemporary world
  • Initiating research oriented exchange programmes between reputed national/ international research centres
  • Publishing research output on the Centre’s webpage, and in the form of Blogs, Newsletter, Research Journal, Books and Monographs
  • Providing training to interested persons in relevant areas of Nazrul’s work through Certificate and Diploma courses of short duration
  • Promoting creative writing practices and innovative thoughts

Works done so far :

Completed Projects by NCSCS

  • Selected Poems of Kazi Nazrul Islam with Annotations : Written and Edited by Prof. Sumita Chakaraborty : Publication done. Formal inauguration will be arranged shortly
  • Mutual Impact on the Music of Nazrul, Atulprasad, Rajanikanta and Dilip Kumar Roy: Dr. Gourav Chowdhury; Publication would be done shortly. The research output is submitted to the expert for reviewing
  • Translation Project: Kazi Nazrul Islam’s Agnibina into English & Nepali : Dr. Kaustav Chakaraborty, HOD, Department of English, Southfield College, Darjeeling : Publication would be done shortly. Both of the Translated versions are submitted to the respective reviewers
  • Special Lectures by Professor Liesl Schawab ; Fulbright Scholar, USA; Publication done.
  • Special Lectures by Dr Ipshita Chanda, Professor, English & Foreign Language University, Hyderabad; Publication done.
  • Shato kobitay Kazi Nazrul Islam (Collection of 100 poetries & songs) : Collection and Edited by Professor Sumita Chakarbarty; Publication will be done shortly.
  • Special Lectures by Mr. Taufiq Hassan; Deputy High Commissioner of Republic of Bangladesh, Kolkata; Publication work is going on.
  • Special Lectures by Dr. Subodh Sarkar, President Kabita Academy, Govt. of West Bengal; Publication work is going on.

The World Nazrul Congress 2020 on Equality, Human Rights, and Fraternity showcased lectures and performances from Bangladesh, India, Iran, South Africa, Germany, Canada, Spain, the UK, and the US. This Webinar is organized by NCSCS and it is also published in a renowned international daily as well a local newspaper.

Special Lecture Series / Publication

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Multilingual Translation: Kazi Nazrul's poem

15th September, 2020


Smorone-Borone-Monone Nazrul

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World Nazrul Congress 2020

Online Discussion Session
on "Bidrohi" - 31 Jan., 2021