Centre for Studies in Ethics & Socio-Political Philosophy

Brief history of the Centre

The ‘Centre for Studies in Ethics and Socio-political Philosophy’ (CSESPP) has been in progress since 27/09/2018 with the approval of the Hon’ble Executive Council of Kazi Nazrul University. Dr Kalyan Banerjee, Associate Professor in Philosophy, assumed the charge of the Centre as Coordinator. Kunal Debnath, Assistant Professor in Political Science, joined the charge of Joint Coordinator. Sk Abdul Halim, Assistant Professor in Philosophy, and Bhabesh Gayen, Assistant Professor in Philosophy, joined the charge of Deputy Coordinators.


While we lay much emphasis on the empirical enquiry of various social interactions and nature of politics pertaining to the question ‘what is’, the concept of the underlying structures of social and political, both are value laden thus grounded in the question of ‘what ought to be’, tend to be neglected. The more gap between ‘what ought to be’ and ‘what is’, the more challenge to ensure a ‘good life’ to the mankind. Then the question of ethics is central to the domain of both society and polity which lack the ethical enquiry in practice. Ethics and values have both its theoretical and factual implications. Dearth of theoretical scheme leads to an underexposed image of the world. Fact is necessary for the foundation of theory. Similarly too much emphasis upon fact leads to an overexposed image of the world. Before distinguishing good or bad we must have philosophical understanding of what is good or bad, similarly if we don’t have the conceptual outlines of justice we won’t differentiate between the just and unjust. On the other hand any philosophical understanding has limited significance if it is not tested by the unremitting events in society and polity.

Aims and objectives of the Centre

Pertaining to the above propositions, the Centre aims:

  • To search the causes behind the ‘normative aridity’ in the domain of society and polity.
  • To underline the ways by which we can inculcate the ethics in behavioural activities in socio-political domain.
  • To become a forum for the exposition and analysis of the structure, evolution, and implications of our moral, social and political life.
  • Given the complexity of this vast area of philosophical inquiry, the research at the Centre will not be directed by a single encompassing research programme, but will be consisting of a number of clearly identifiable and closely interrelated lines of research.
  • To provide an intellectual platform to argue about how we can think about a future world which can ensure a good life to the people. We, thus, welcome people who are interested to engage with the Centre.
  • In addition to the research activities, the associates of the Centre also aims at contributing to the public debates by organizing seminar, conference and publishing books, journals concerning ethical and socio-political issues.

  • Structure of the Centre

    • Professor Sadhan Chakraborti (the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol)
    • Dr. Kalyan Banerjee (Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Kazi Nazrul University)
    Joint Coordinator:
    • Mr. Kunal Debnath ((on lien), Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Kazi Nazrul University)
    Deputy Coordinator:
    • Mr. Sk Abdul Halim (Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Kazi Nazrul University)
    • Mr. Bhabesh Gayen (Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Kazi Nazrul University)

    Seminar/ Workshop/ Conference/ Symposium Organized with Duration

    The Centre successfully organized an Inaugural Programme cum a Day-long Seminar on 03/01/2019. Apart from the discussion on the necessity of this Centre and what role should be undertaken by the Centre in near future, two topics were discussed in this programme, i.e. ‘Moral Dilemmas in Ethics’, and ‘Concept of Good Governance in Ancient Period’.

    Contact us

    • Address of the centre: Vidya Charcha Bhavan, 1st Floor, Kazi Nazrul University, Kalla Bypass More, P.O.- Kalla (C.H), Asansol – 713340, Paschim Bardhaman.
    • Name of Coordinator: Dr. Kalyan Banerjee
    • Conact no.: +91-9434531794
    • Email: csespp.knu@gmail.com; kalyan.banerjee@knu.ac.in